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From The Desk Of David Sharpe
Dear Legendary Marketer,

Hmm.. Have I Just Lost My DAMN MIND?!?


I'm not sure...

That's for you to decide 😉

Hint: Take a look at the bottom of this page to see what other's have to say.

But here's what I am sure of...

If you want to possess the money-making superpower to "type and grow rich" with jaw-dropping, drool-inducing copy in 2022...

... you need to stop and read this entire page.

Because writing copy in 2022 ain't the same as it was in

Or 2019...

Or the beginning of 2020.

It ain't even close. 

The game has officially changed. 

And it's changed FAST.

All the rules.

And it's not going back to "the wild wild west" ...ever again.

Even seasoned copywriters have been left scratching their heads...

... wondering why their ad accounts keep getting shut down...

... and why people just aren't buying from them like they used to.

I'm Going To Show You How To Write
Copy That Won't Get Your Ad Accounts Shut Down
And Will Have Even The Most Skeptical People
Clamoring To Buy From You

In the past I would teach people how to write copy by showing them how to write with "salesmanship".

But not regular salesmanship. 

Copywriting salesmanship.

Doing things like breaking up your paragraphs into one or two sentences so they're super easy to read. 

Like I'm doing here on this page.

Also, when you're writing... 

Hit return and make each line of each paragraph only like 10 words wide.

Like I'm doing here on this page.

Because really wide sentences are hard to read.

Facebook actually chose their timeline width because their research proved that was the easiest width for the human eye to read without straining.

If you look at any novel, or great advertisement, the words are big enough and spaced out enough they're incredibly easy to read.

As a writer...

The only goal of your headline is to get them to read the sub-headline.

The only goal of your sub-headline is to get them to read the lead-in (the first few sentences of the sales letter).

Then every sentence after that, your goal is to get them to read the next sentence.

So anything that makes that difficult to do will cost you sales.

I also teach people to use lots of whitespace for this same reason.

Because making sales is not about design (even though people think it is).

It's about the copy.

I've been known to use some of the ugliest pages known to man in my campaigns. 

But like I said, the design matters so much less than people think it does.

The copy is what matters.

Another thing I love to teach newbie copywriters is how to write more clear.

Everyday thousands of things get "lost in text translation".

Think about it...

Have you ever had someone misunderstand what you meant over text message or email? 


Well, we all have.

What does that have to do with writing copy?

You need to understand a confused prospect will never buy.

So if your sales message gets "lost in translation"...

And the reader gets confused by your copy or doesn't understand something you wrote...

You just lost another sale.

That's why I always teach people how to write clearly. 

Yes, it's about making the sentences and a paragraphs easy to read.

But it's also about writing in a clear and cohesive way so the reader can follow what you're saying...

...and it's crystal clear what your offer is and how to order.

Again, if at anytime your customer is lost or confused....

If they don't know what they're getting or why they need it...

If they don't know how to order and how they'll get access to your product...

And if the sales message is clumped up... 

Hard to read...

And they have to strain to "be sold"....

You will not sell jack shit. 

(sorry for the language, trying to get a point across here)

And you will be left saying *in my best valley-girl voice*

"WTF, my product is so great, I just can't understand why it's not selling!"



That's where I usually start with students.

Then we get into how to write headlines...

How to write lead-ins...

How to write hypnotic stories around products that make them irresistible vs just giving facts and boring benefits.


How to write great bullet points...

How to do write great risk reversal guarantees ("30 day money back guarantees)...

And how to write killer no-brainer offers that getting them pull out their wallet and actually buy.

That's all basic copy playbook stuff I've been teaching newbie marketers for almost a decade...

...that has made my students and affiliates some of the most successful online.

But Writing Copy In 2022 Is Different,
and Here's Why...

First of all, let's cover...

Getting your ad accounts shut down because of your copy.

You've heard it before...

"My ad account just got shut down"

...and 99% of the time that's because your copy has outlandish claims or did something against Facebook's or Google's advertising terms.

It wasn't your stupid "funnel'.

It wasn't the product you're selling.

And it wasn't the niche you're in.

These are things everyone says on amateur marketing night (which is every night on FB)

Want to know why marketers keep getting their ad accounts shut down?

It's their hyped-up, shitty copy.

That's right. 

You can no longer make huge claims in your copy.

You can no longer promise "amazing results'" in your copy.

You can no longer show back-office screenshots of "all the commissions you earned" or talk about the zillions of dollars you made yesterday.

"Yes you can Dave, I just saw Gary Guru doing it yesterday in his ad about his secret push-button money-making system"

Look whippersnapper, Gary Guru won't last long.

The grim-reaper of FB and Google ads will be giving his ad account a little spanking soon.

Writing copy in 2018 and writing copy in 2022 ain't even close to the same game.

Because getting your ad account shut down is the least of your worries. 

Getting sued by the government for hyped-up claims and deceptive marketing is what's next for you if you keep playing around...

You need to know how to "water down" your copy while still keeping it entertaining, educational, and engaging... and how to make the sale.

Now let's talk about your next big problem...

Your customer is smarter than ever before.

They've seen your lame angles and silly little punch lines about "working 80 hours a week for yourself so you never have to work 40 for someone else"

They know what webinars are.

What sales funnels are.

They know your stupid "live webinar" is really a dumb automated webinar recording.

Telling these little white lies in your copy is, again... killing your sales.

Customers have seen it all and heard it all...

...and quite frankly...

...they're bored and feel belittled with these little marketing games amateurs play.

So If You Copy Good Ol' Gary Guru 
And Think You're Going To Win In 2022
...You're Lying To Yourself

Because almost every marketer I see... 

As I scroll through my depressing FB timeline... 

Is barely holding on to their income and just a few more bad marketing decisions away from crawling back to their old boss begging for their job back.

And the #1 mistake I see all marketers making, across all niches...

Is writing bad copy.

That's right.

Not only does it not sell.

It's also completely overlooking all the "new rules" you need to follow in 2022 if you want to win (or keep winning)

So against my best judgement...

And against the advice of my team...

I'm going to release something that is going to give you the ultimate advantage in 2022.

Something more powerful than any "funnel hack"

Something more powerful than any "video trick"

Something more powerful than any "social media method"

I'm going to teach you the #1 most profitable high-income skill...

...and I'm going to do it for much less money than I should.

And damn sure much less money than it's worth.

Because this one skill will be the most important one you'll learn and use for the rest of your marketing career.

And yes... 

I said career.

Because this one skill will take your business from a hobby your friends and family make fun of... a real business...

...that commands cash and customers...

...on demand.

Which is the closest thing to having magical marketing powers.

You little wizard, you.

"The Copywriters Playbook For 2022"

Here's What's Inside

  • Part 1: "Getting Perfect Clarity On Your Offer" - Most people are really unclear in terms of what they have "for sale". They think “I’m selling a course or software.” They rarely think of it in terms of emotional benefits, speed, convenience, and opportunity (aka: the real reason people buy anything). McDonald's is knowingly absolutely disgusting for your health, but people don't care. And McD's knows it. They also know what they sell... and it's not burgers and fries. It's instant gratification, speed, ease and convenience. I'll help you find it in your offer so you can stop selling the wrong thing... and start making a ton more sales.
  • Part 2: "4 Steps To Create Buyer Frenzy" - What you'll learn here is the secrets every multi-million dollar ad campaign uses to make people feel like they can't live without your product. You'll now be able to harness this power, too.
  • Part 3: "Amateur Pitfalls To Avoid" - Narcissism in your copy, copycatting, worrying, and paralysis by analysis... I'll help you avoid it all because you're most likely committing at least one of these copywriting sins and it's hurting (if not killing) your sales.
  • Part 4: "Bringing YOU Into Copy" - Rather than ramming people through your sales process (or "funnel) like a bad used car salesman, you'll learn how to build authentic relationships with your leads by providing real value and then sell them based on their actual needs and desires. And in order to do that, you need to come to the realization that your story and journey is beneficial to yourself and others. I'll help you see the light and show you how to use it.
  • Part 5: "The Tried & True PMES Formula" - The oldest, most tried and true formula for writing great ads, emails, and even instant messages: PMES (problem, massage, empathy, solution). Your new best friend.
  • Part 6: "Turn Your Feelz Into Winning Copy" - Instead of letting my emotions dominate me, I've learned how to channel them into writing copy that wins over the hearts and minds of my readers. I'll show you how to do the same.
  • Part 7: "The 5 Secret Value Triggers" - There are deeper reasons people purchase things than their desire for more money. These five things are more powerful drivers and consistently lead to higher conversions than pitching people on ‘making’ or ‘saving’ money. I'll reveal what they are and show you how to use them.
  • Part 8: "Sowing ‘Copy Seeds’ To Harvest More Sales" - Business is a constant process of sowing seeds of value and reaping harvests of revenue. These 13 "seeds" can be continually planted with your email list, Facebook pages and groups, Instagram accounts, and elsewhere to increase engagement, have more fun, and build a deeper bond with your prospective clients or current customers to make more sales...and repeat sales.

Oh... And Some Free Bonuses

  • Bonus 1: Dave's Private Copywriting Cliffsnotes - There's a lot of copywriting books out there. Hell, maybe I'll write one some day on the future. But for now, there's one in particular that I think you will get the most value from and I'll also give you my personal cliffsnotes from the book.
  • Bonus 2: 250 Headline Email Swipe File - From this day forward you'll never sit down to send an email without a high-converting and super-engaging email headline that is sure to get tons of opens!
  • Bonus 3: "The 20 Minute Client Formula" - Imagine being able to write copy for clients and charge $2,000 for a sales letter, $500 for an email, or $250 for a simple ad. By the way--these are entry-level copywriter fees. In this bonus training, we'll to show you exactly how to write a powerful and compelling sales letter, email or ad for any client in under 20 minutes. I'll show you the questions to ask the client to extract the best product story. I'll show you an example of me using the Formula and then writing a sales letter. I'll show you the actual letter I wrote for the client. All yours to swipe, model, deploy, and profit with.
  • Bonus 4: "Quick Copy Hot-Seat Critiques" - Watch as my team and I critique clients copy and help them find better angles, simplify and clarify their message, and position themselves to make more sales. Lot's of what you witness in these closed-door meetings will give you instant answers to many questions you have about your copy.
  • Bonus 5: Sales Letter, Email, Ad, and Webinar Templates From My $250 Million Dollar Course and Coaching Business - You'll get sales letter templates, email templates, ad templates, and webinar templates. I'm going to give you templates for any kind of copy you want to write. I'll also share my thought process behind how I came up with the angle and idea. You just plug your product and story in and wa-la! Profitable copy ready to use will come out the other end.


  • 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge - Over 18,361 people from all over the world have taken our 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge in the last 12 months. The verdict is in... THEY LOVE IT. Access to our world-renowned challenge is included when you complete your purchase for just $1 today. SLAM that green button below and checkout in less than 30 seconds!

Why Listen To Me?

This is the part where I egotistically tell you about how great I am and all my success, right?

How I'm such a guru and know exactly what's going to be the secret to your business growth.

Well, that's not gonna happen.

Here's the truth:

In 2009 I had just got clean from a crippling drug addiction and was sleeping on my dad's couch...going to work with him on construction jobs every day.

Eventually I. moved into a sh*t hole house with my girlfriend and daughter and bought an old rust bucket Ford truck.

I needed a way out of the poverty I was living in, so I hopped online and started looking for ways to make money from this "internet thingy" (this was back in the Myspace days).

I have an 8th grade education... so my grammar sucked and when I wrote emails to my tiny list... they would send them back and include a little a note that usually said "don't ever send me this horse sh*t ever again."

Yet, Somehow... I Turned My Mess Into A Million Dollar Message and Used Copywriting As A Way To Become Mega-Successful

That's right.

Those nasty responses didn't slow me down, because for every comment or hate-email I got...

...I got another lead...

...and made another commission...

...and soon moved out of that sh*thole house and into a massive mansion (paid for with cash)...

...bought a cool car with zero rust...

...and became an "award-winning marketer" (cool title, huh?)

Somehow, A High-School Drop Became A "Mentor" To Thousands Of Online Marketers

I never wanted that title.

I never asked for it.

Yet, I'd show up to events with my customers and was treated like a "celebrity".

Because I was teaching them how I was making money by writing ads...

Writing emails...

Writing video scripts...

And selling a whole sh*t ton of products online.

(by the way, a sh*t ton is a little less than a f*ck ton, in case you wondered)

There's One Thing That Has Taken Me From 
Loser To "Legend"...

And that one thing...

Is not video...

It's not webinars...

It's not taking selfies on social media...

It's from learning to write sales-sucking copy.

You Don't Have To Buy The Copy Playbook
...It's Not Going To Cost Me Anything.

Because inside it I'm giving away my best copywriting secrets, tips, and templates.

It's almost kind of silly for me to sell it.

But here's my logic and why I decided to release it publicly...

Because I figure you'll love it so much you'll want to do more business with me in the future, which will result in more profits in my pocket at the end of the day...

Because you getting my copy playbook will result in more profits in your pocket at the end of the day, too.

And how could it not?

You're going to now have the holy grail of marketing in at your fingertips...

...and from now on... able to command customers into any affiliate offer, professional service, coaching program, or info-course that you want to sell.

High-ticket and low-ticket. 

Everything. Done.

Have you honestly thought about what it would be like to have this much power at your fingertips?

Total Value: $10,500

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

“My first million dollars from home”

“David Sharpe has been an incredible mentor to me throughout my career and helped me reach the goal of making my first million dollars from home. He’s a powerful leader, speaker, and trainer and anyone would be blessed to have him as their coach.“

- Adam Whiting

“David taught me the nuts and bolts...”

“When I first met David Sharpe I had already been making decent money with my business. However, I was stuck at a certain income level and couldn’t seem to figure out why. Dave taught me the “nuts and bolts” skills, what actions I needed to take to take my business to the next level. I’m honored to know Dave, and it’s always a pleasure working with him too”

- Chuck Marshall

“His system gave me a stressless approach”

“Before meeting David Sharpe I was severely struggling with my business and personal life. His story and teachings helped me overcome trauma, addiction, and poverty. His system gave me a stressless approach to growing my business everyday. In short, David Sharpe saved my life and helped my family get on our feet and create a solid plan for the future.“

- Stephen Munson

“David is the perfect leader to learn from!”

“David Sharpe is a inspiring leader that has changed my life. I remember when I was at my job and I watched his story online and I knew there was a way for me to change my life. If he never made the sacrifices he made I would never be where I am today. David is the perfect leader to learn from!”

- Nate Obryant

“David Sharpe helped us make our first $250,000 online”

“His words are POWERFUL and his leadership in general is what creates his legendary status. He’s like no other, second to none. Thank you David for all the leadership and advice through the years.“

- Jermaine Steele

“David helped me with my confidence”

“You taught me that I matter and what I have to offer the world matters. That I am good enough and keep getting better everyday. You also helped me sober up in my life 3 years because of your story David Sharpe. You helped me take a step back and realize what was really most important in my life and to never give up!“

- Shelly Dawn Mishawaka


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"I've never seen such quality..." - Julia Lindley
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Need I Continue?...

Okay... Let's Do This...

Total Value: $10,500

This is not a get rich quick program nor do we believe in overnight success. We believe in hard work, integrity and developing your skills if you want to earn more financially. As stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with any of our products or services. The average person who buys any "how-to" information gets little to no results. Any references or examples used within this website are real and documented but are used strictly for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT PURCHASE ANY PRODUCTS FROM US.

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